Forever a student, forever a teacher

This is a small chapter of my story on how I started this digtial marketing consultancy. Totally unplanned life one day put me at a crossroad forcing me to priortise between family and work.

I had to decide between switching jobs or becoming an entrepreneur. A high-paying job was safe and secure but I would have had to sacrifice my valuable time I needed to spent with my then schoolgoing son.

Knowing very well the challenges of starting on my own I decided to take that road giving priority to the freedom to decide how I spent my time. Thus, 5Ps Marketing & Consultancy, a B2H digital marketing consultancy was born in Bahrain in 2016.

"Being an entrepreneur gives me the flexibility & freedom to spend time with my son, Rohit. This blessing outweighs all the other risks I have to face."

At the time when I started on digital marketing in 2014, businesses in Bahrain had not even started using social media. So it had been pretty much a solo journey for me in the initial years with endless research and reading on digital marketing.

Today I have become a digital marketing specialist & trainer with in-depth experience. To be an expert trainer I need to keep myself updated on digital marketing trends and techniques. This benefits my clients as they are always informed on what is latest in digital marketing .

Digital marketing is a fast paced world continuously evolving. Hence learning mever stops. This also becomes a challenge to marketing professionals and business owners who struggle to find the time to keep pace with the developments in digital marketing.

My aim is to simplify digital marketing to busy marketing professionals who may not be trained in digital marketing nor have the time to study it. Digital marketing has become an essential tool for business owners for survival.

So, business owners, start-ups, marketing practitioners and advertising agencies are the main target audiences I assist.


Marketing is still seen as an avoidable expense, and not as an investment that can help businesses survive or flourish.

When customers have switched to a digital-first culture, most businesses struggle to maintain a professional digital presence and cope with the pace of developments in digital marketing.

My main focus is guiding clients how to ACQUIRE, CONVERT and RETAIN customers within an affordable budget, using the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.

From an initial consultation clients are guided to identify their problem areas, work out digital solutions and suitable budgets to implement them.

Clients are shown how to take data-driven decisions that minimises risks and improves their ROI.

Clients are encouraged to use all the digital channels to meet their business goals instead of just focusing on social media.

Coaching & workshops are designed to train the in-house marketing team to update and upgrade their digital skills.

You can freely ask any queries you may have to understand how to use digital marketing to grow your business.

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My areas of expertise in digital marketing are given below. Few of the channels I work with my strategic partners while for the rest I personally take care of its execution.

Lini Reghunath
Digital Marketing Specialist/Trainer
WhatsApp: 973 66330069