How email marketing can help you grow your business.

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In the past, marketing was mainly based on advertising in magazines, TV, radio and word of mouth. Also, companies advertised through mail by sending out coupons.

Today, advertising has become digital, the widespread use of smart phones has enabled organizations to accurately target their customer demographics. Using tracking cookies, your shopping habits can be tracked and recorded, this allows companies to specifically identify their target customer.

Online marketing allows an organization to advertise their product through rich media such as videos, images and infographics. What’s more, online advertising can also be achieved through regular blog marketing.

A powerful medium for marketing:

Accordingly, one of the most effective forms of marketing, is email marketing. If executed properly, email marketing can be an effective marketing tool. This form of marketing allows organizations to directly market their product and services.

However, email marketing requires far more planning, and businesses simply can’t reach millions of customers by sending through regular email. Email marketing requires the use of Email Newsletter Service in Bahrain which can help you reach your selected list of customers worldwide.

Email marketing is cost effective:

Email marketing is effective in the sense that it is easy to keep track of your return on investment. Say for example, you spend a $1000.00 on an email marketing campaign. Accordingly, there is the potential to earn 5 times more than you have spent on email marketing.

In fact, email marketing is second only to search engine marketing. What’s more, email marketing is also the most popular form of marketing for several reasons. For one, the fact that you can reach thousands of potential customers in just one click, and it is relatively cheap compared to other forms of online marketing.

How to make your email marketing successful:

Simply typing up an email newsletter doesn’t cut it; your email campaign should be carefully planned. You’ll need to make sure your email newsletter is creatively made, that means choosing the right color combination or whether your customers prefer text based emails to HTML based.

Offer your customers incentives for looking at the email. For example, you could offer the first 100 customers 80 percent off on a purchase of a specific product. This will entice others to look out for your email next time you launch an email campaign. Other factors include the timing of when you send out the email, the customer demographics and creating a landing page.