With a Clear Call to Action Email Marketing Can be
Your Top Technique for Customer Conversions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is permission-based marketing which provides a wide range of benefits over traditional marketing.   And, it not only offers two-way communication but also allows you to send the right message at the right time to all of your customers.

Email marketing integrates well with multiple channels like social media, display ads, website, in-store.   You can also have both manual and automated emails.   The types of marketing emails you could send are announcements, product updates, event invitation, social media updates,  special offers or promotions, newsletters.

Our first step is to help you build your subscriber list,  the list of people who have opted-in to receive your emails.  We then guide you to do the segmentation of your subscriber list.  Email being an inbound marketing channel, you will naturally attract inbound traffic by creating quality content targeted at your customers.

Let’s see what makes email marketing valuable.

  1. Low cost
  2. Ease of creation
  3. Targeting specific customers
  4. Easy personalisation
  5. Higher ROI
  6. Measurable results

1. Low Cost

One of the obvious benefits is the low cost of email marketing as compared to other marketing tactics.  You get to save considerable costs which you would have been spending on print, postal messages, telesales campaigns, magazine or television ads.

2. Easy to Create

With us, you can create simple email marketing campaigns featuring attractive designs, logos, videos, images, and content to attract your customers instantly.

3. Target Specific Customers

Email marketing is typically used for people who have shown their interest in your brand and has opted-in to receive email communication. So this will also lead to much higher conversion rates for your business.

4. Easy Personalization

Most marketing personnel want to ensure their message is reaching the desired target market.    We take this effort a step further by guiding you to personalize your customized email campaigns targeted at specific segments of your customer base.

5. Higher ROI

We strongly believe in the power of impulse buying.  Results show that email marketing campaigns are straightforward and persuasive enough to guide the customers smoothly to check out an offer or make a purchase as compared to other marketing techniques. With a clear call to action, email campaigns can be your top technique for driving sales resulting in higher ROI.

 6. Measurable Results

Lastly, we pay attention to how well your email marketing campaigns are performing. An in-depth analysis is conducted regarding the open rates, click-through and conversion rates and provide feedback at the end of each campaign.

This ensures that our clients get better returns on their investments and on customer engagement metrics.

Find out how to set up email marketing campaigns for your business.